Free Please Wear a Mask Signs by Stu Helm

Due to the risk of deadly disease during the Trump-era Coronavirus outbreak, the State of North Carolina has been forced to require all citizens to wear masks in public spaces. It’s not an option any more. I have created a series of signs for you to download and print out. Some are more friendly than others. 

The Birth of Puke

After the COVID times, I have a dream to start a fantastically successful punk rock restaurant called “Puke.” True story. Real goals. I’ll need a partner who’s a chef, plus a bartender who does not give a fuck. No wankers. (obviously)

Entering Phase Two…

Today Friday, May 22nd, North Carolina enters “Phase Two” of the scheduled “Re-opening” of the State. Phase Two will allow for limited Dine-in service at Restaurants (bars are not included, which is convoluted, since there is no definition of a “bar” in NC, beyond the antiquated “private club” rules, and many restaurants have a bar, and could seat people at the bar, yadda yadda… nothing is easy when there is literally no precedent.) The bottom line is that dine-in service is about to become a thing again. With that in mind…

Drankin’ with Dawn FAQ

At the beginning of the state-wide Stay at Home order here in North Carolina, I began posting a series of pictures, just to amuse and entertain my friends on my personal Facebook page, called “Drankin’ with Dawn.” It was so popular with them, that I decided to share it with the general public, and have been posting them a few times a week during what has become weeks of staying home in Asheville, during the Coronavirus outbreak in America. It ain’t been easy! But cocktails help. Y’all have asked me some questions about Drankin’ with Dawn, so I thought I’d do a little FAQ type-thing for ya!  

Would I Risk My Life for Breakfast?

With less than one week until Phase II would allow them to do so, and despite the grave public safety issues, Rise ‘n’ Shine Cafe chose to open for dine-in service prematurely, and it would appear that public backlash has prompted them to remove their own Facebook page.

This Positive List Includes a Death Toll

I write and post a lot of lists for my friends on my personal Facebook page that the general public never gets to see. I write “Positive Lists,” lists of “Things to Do,” and lists of “Pets I wish I had but Never Will.” Random shit like that. Since there’s a fuck of a lot less food in my life to write about, I’ve decided to start publishing some of those lists here on my blog for everyone to see. I hope you will enjoy them.