FOOD NEWS: 2017 Asheville Wing War Newcomers Sweep Highest Accolades!

I was super-fortch to be invited to judge chicken wings for the 4th year in a row at the ASHEVILLE WING WAR by KELLY DENSEN of ALL AMERICAN FOOD FIGHTS. It’s one of my favorite events of the year, and is always the kick-off to the Food Festival Season in my mind, which more or less goes from March until October… and extends into November.. and December… and li’l bit into January. Okay, so there’s a brief period of maybe a week or two in February that isn’t “Food Fest” season. Maybe. Anyhoo, Wing War!

5 Judges, 13 Competitors, 2 Clear Winners!


JUDGES L-R: Evan Donovan, WLOS TV13; Jonathan Ammons, Mountain X, Dirty Spoon; Stu Helm, Ashvegas, The Food Fan; Chef Dwayne Fernandez, Isa’s Bistro; MacKensy Lundsford, Cit-Times, The Scene – photo by Asa Kaylor


“Make it into a mustache,” said my young nephew. I obliged of course. photo by Asa Kaylor


My young nephew Asa gave me a ride to the event, and enjoyed VIP status in return. I think he powered down at least 14 – 20 wings. He was psyched. photo by Stu Helm


Unlike with the popular vote, the judges are not aware of who’s wings are who’s. Instead, the wings are delivered on differently colored plates, marked with “T” for “traditional,” and “S” for “specialty.” We taste each wing, and then mark our score cards, rating them 1 – 10, ten being awesome, one being WTF did I just put in my mouth?!? Photo’s of the actual wings were all taken by my fellow judge EVAN DONOVAN. I’ve included a color code key at the bottom…

img_0403 img_0402 img_0401 img_0400 img_0399 img_0398 img_0397 img_0396 img_0394 img_0393 img_0392 img_0391 img_0390 img_0389 img_0388 img_0387 img_0386 img_0383 img_0382 img_0381 img_0380 img_0379 img_0378 img_0377 img_0376 img_0375

2017 wing war color code



Congrats to all the winners! Especially to Wing War newcomers OUT OF THE BLUE PERUVIAN food truck who took first place with the judges in both categories! The people also voted, and another scrappy newcomer — MONTFORD PULL-UP — took home the popular vote in both categories as well! It was a super-exciting result in my opinion, and well deserved by these two food making venues who work hard, make great food year round, and made a great effort their first time out at the 2107 Asheville Wing War!


Wing War Judges’ Choice winner Out of the Blue food truck chef / owner Santiago Vargas and family. photo by Stu Helm


Look for this truck, and get some damn good wings! photo by Stu Helm

Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the Montford Pull-up guys. After 3 hours and TWENTY SIX chicken wings, I was more than ready to head out of the Wing War and head home. I’ll pop by the Pull-up soon and get a picture… and eat some wings! ha ha!

Thanks Kelly, and all the hosts and volunteers at the 2017 Asheville Wing War, you did a GREAT job, and it was a great event, as always!

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