Weekend Food Tours: Korean House, Sovereign Remedies, Sonora, Misty Mountain Bake Shop, Bhramari, Aloft Dog

Another weekend, another pair of food tours! I’ve recently added SONORA to our Saturday brunch tour, as well as a treat from MISTY MOUNTAIN BAKE SHOP! We never know what we’ll get to eat on the tours, no this week SOVEREIGN REMEDIES’ Chef Melissa made us the perfect sous vide egg. BHRAMARI crushed it with very special and interesting plate of Brussels sprouts with white bean purée and crispy fed peas. KOREAN HOUSE never disappoints with a bibimbap stone bowl, and of course every Sunday tour starts at ALOFT hotel, where we say hi to the rescue dog! Aloft works with CHARLIE’S ANGELS ANIMAL RESCUE and I’ve seen 6 or more cute doggies get adopted since we started meeting there in July. 

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