Fancy Eatin’ at Rhubarb & The Admiral

Yes, I ate 26 chicken wings this week, but that don’t mean I ain’t like some fancy eatin’ too! From the top down: chicken livers, octopus, and oysters from RHUBARB. Pasta, crab bisque, and sweet breads from THE ADMIRAL. two amazing venues that are serving some of the best fancy eats in Asheville! I apologize about the quality of these photos. I have long-observed that the nicer the venue, the more difficult it is to get a great picture, because of the ambient lighting.

3 thoughts on “Fancy Eatin’ at Rhubarb & The Admiral

  1. We are heading to Asheville in a few weeks and have a Friday night out to dine, fine or otherwise. Would you recommend The Admiral above others, or would there be a top five that you would suggest? Love your blog.


    • The Admiral is amazing! One of the best in Asheville and one of my personal favorites. Get anything with pork belly! And save room for dessert! My top five right now: Cúrate, Nightbell, Admiral, Cucina 24, Table, Jargon, and Vivian. Yes, there are seven restaurants in my top five. ;)

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      • Awesome reply Stuhelm! Thanks. Admiral and Curate were full but we booked a table at Nightbell! (Originally we had a table reserved at Corner Kitchen (we’ve been there before) but took your recommendation instead. Thanks so much.)

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