Fooding Around Town: Red Ginger Dim Sum and Tapas by Invitation

Today I was invited to eat lunch at RED GINGER DIM SUM & TAPAS by owner Mai Medvedev, and she made me eat chicken feet! Haha! Mai took these pictures of me doing my best to get it done. She and GM Stephen laughed at my antics and told me not to worry, they would eat the rest! How were they? Much more gelatinous than I anticipated… and… yeah. No. Never again. Hahaha! Everything else Mai & Stephen fed me tasted awesome, and they were a pleasure to meet and spend time with. Thanks to my friend, Monroe Spivey from  MEV STUDIOS, who does Red Ginger’s PR, and put me in touch with Mai. Good times!

Photos top to bottom: Chicken feet; My chicken foot struggle (photos by Mai Medvedev); A gorgeous piece of sea bass with pickled ginger; Smoked duck with citrus miso, diced ham, and sweet potato; Crispy shrimp with jalapeño; Beef meets shrimp roll; Szechuan wontons; Sticky rice with chicken; Pork belly gua bao. Not pictured: Shanghai style pork dumpling & beef noodle soup. All of the food was great! Except that I actually did not like the chicken feet… but the rest was awesome! Thanks Mai, Stephen and Red Ginger!

2 thoughts on “Fooding Around Town: Red Ginger Dim Sum and Tapas by Invitation

  1. Stu, you look like you are in pain with the chicken feet. Need to get to Red Ginger real soon. Went when they first opened, time to go back.


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