Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 7/20/2021

We ate at the famous Tracy’s King Crab Shack, in Juneau, Alaska. I forgot to take pics until we were almost done, but these little crab cakes were de-effing-lish, and the house made sauce was legit tasty. Recommend.

We were lucky that our trip to Juneau coincided with the final weeks of their moratorium on cruise ships, so there were not the usual 15,000 to 20,000 tourists a day!!! No line at Tracy’s which would otherwise have been a mob scene.

Asheville, if you think we have a massive tourism problem, Juneau has a population of around 32,000, and every day, all day, a horde of human locusts arrive to take up every inch of space downtown, eat all the food, stress out the infrastructure, stomp all over the terrain, leaving trash and hard feeling behind. Just like here in AVL, the locals are very torn between all that, and the money that the tourism brings.

I also learned that most of the shops along the docks in Juneau, and most tourism ports, are international companies either owned by or contracted by the cruise ship corporations. Womp womp.

Tracy’s is not one of those and is still an indie restaurant, and I feel fortunate to have been able to eat their delicious food in comfort! 🙂 ❤

Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 7/20/2021

Three of my favorite bites in Juneau, Alaska were from Bernadette cafe /famous bbq stick’s food cart. I got chicken, pork, and “turon,” aka banana lumpia! All three were frickin’ great! Highly recommended if you find yourself in Juneau.

Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 7/20/2021

We celebrated Dawn’s birthday in Juneau, Alaska at a place called In Bocca al Lupo. It was an excellent restaurant, very much like something you’d find here in Asheville. In fact… the chef was wearing an Avenue M tshirt. I shit you not. Same Avenue M. I confirmed it. Small world. The house-made pasta and meatballs was amazing, and the fire-oven roasted cauliflower was unique and tasty as Hell. Dawn enjoyed the wine, and we both agreed that this was one of the best — if not thee best — over all dining experiences that we had on our whole two week long trip! Recommend 100%.

Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 7/21/2021

While we were on vacation in Juneau, Anchorage, and Gerdwood Alaska I watched some cheesy travel blogger videos on YouTube about where to eat, and I got some pretty solid advice! One of the more informative YouTubers emphasized that eaters should try as many chowders as possible, and so I did! They were all really tasty! Even the one served to us on the little glacier cruise boat we took in Witterier, Alaska. I’m from New England originally, so I was weened on chowder. There were some subtle differences between what I grew up with, and the chowders pictured below, but the major diff was the inclusion — in one way or another — of salmon in each and every chowder I ate in Alaska. Respect for your chowder, Alaska! This ancient New Englander is impressed. ❤️🙏🔥

Clockwise from top: I think that this chowder from the Alaska Fish & Chips Company at the Flight Deck was my fave from among all the chowders I tried in Alaska.

This humble looking cup of chowder from the Red Dog Saloon right in downtown Juneau was quite delicious!

This colorful cup of chowder from Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse in Anchorage was totally delicious, and that salmon on top was no joke.

There was a meal included on the small glacier tour boat that we bought tickets for. Kudos for the chef for this chowder and slaw combo! Both were delicious! Thanks, 26 Glacier Cruise by Phillips Cruises and Tours!

Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 7/25/2021

Because there were still no cruise ships allowed in Juneau during our trip to Alaska, Dawn and I were able to eat at some very “touristy” places that would have otherwise been packed, such as the Red Dog Saloon. It was very fun inside, and the food was very tasty and satisfying! I had chowder a d Dawn had a Greek salad with grilled salmon. The decor was fun, service was friendly, and this was an all around enjoyable experience! Thanks, Red Dog! You were there for us when we needed you! 🙏

Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 7/25/2021

While our over-all experience at the Alyeska Resort was less than stellar, we did have two excellent meals there. One of them at the in-house sushi restaurant called Sakura, and the other was room service from The Pond, another of the in-house restaurants there. Fresh fish, excellent greens, great flavors. These two meals were bomb. Dawn compared the rest of our Alyeska experience to being on The Poseidon Adventure. If you’re under 45 years old, you might have to look that reference up.

Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 7/25/2021

We were only in Anchorage, Alaska long enough for one meal, and I think we chose well with Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse! Dawn got a grilled halibut and veggie plate, which was very good, and I got very tasty crab cakes and some of the best chowder I had on our trip. Recommend.

Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 7/25/2021

One of the tastiest and most satisfying meals we had on our trip was from The Inn at Whittier. We shared an excellent appetizer of shrimp cocktail. The shrimps were cooked to order , and though chilling on ice, they were still a little warm, which is best way to serve shrimp cocktail in my opinion. For my entree, I got some of theeeee best fish n chips that I’ve ever had. The fries were epically crispy, and epic, so I took a picture of one. The beer battered fresh Alaskan cod was perfectly cooked. I loved it. Dawn got the Alaskan halibut dinner with fresh veg, and it was likewise perfectly cooked. This whole meal gets five stars out of five from us! Recommend.

Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 7/25/2021

Here are the last, random, food pictures from our trip to Alaska. Locally made soda and canned cocktails; a cold but surprisingly satisfying street burger from the Fourth of July fair on Douglas Island; some goopy, sweet hibachi and a pretty decent shrimp spring roll; a tasty local chocolate bar; and some really good iced cream. And thus concludes our adventures of eating in Alaska! I hope you enjoyed the words and pictures, and if you’re going to Alaska, I strongly advise you to EAT CHOWDER! And all other forms of fish. The rest of my food pics from Portland, Oregon are up next!

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