AVL Wing Thing – Sweet Chili Wings from Wild Ginger Pho Restaurant

My girlfriend Dawn totally rules, and while I was working — doing dispatch support for KickbackAVL — she brought home some chicken wings (and a bahn mi sandwich) from a local Asheville favorite called Wild Ginger to surprise me with!

Wild Ginger is a Vietnamese restaurant owned by Mary Ann Tan Ar that is located way out on Hendersonville Road. I don’t get out there nearly as often as I would like to, so any chance I have to eat their food, I am very grateful for!

The wings were excellent! They were sweet and hot, and had a very nice fish-sauce umami added that made them unique. They were cooked just, and came off the bone very nicely, the spice level was about medium-high, not over-the-top, and they tasted great fresh, as well as re-heated. High makes all around!

I kinda wanted a smooth, cooling, dippin’ sauce of sauce kind, but the crunchy and super-flavorful Asian slaw salad dealio on the bottom was fantastically good, and more than compensated for the lack of dippin’ sauce.

All in all, these wings rank high on my Wingometer, and I especially recommend them for the sweet-chili-wing lovers and fish sauce fans out there!

How was the bahn mi? Only the best I’ve ever had. Truth. So, if you haven’t been to Wild Ginger, go give it a try, everything is great in my opinion, and in the opinion of every true food fan I know. Until next time…

Wings up!

 ~ END ~

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