Meal, Restaurant of the Year Contender: Table, Asheville – Dawn’s Birthday

Yeah, Man, I’m announcing early contenders for the annual Stoobie Awards this year, something I’ve never done before, but thought might add to the fun… and tension… of the contests! Two of the biggest categories for Stoobie Awards are Meal of the Year, and Restaurant of the Year. The former going to ONE meal, the best meal of the whole effing year, and the latter going to the restaurant that I see as having achieved the most, or been the most consistently awesome over time. Among the past winners of these awards have been RHUBARB, ALL SOULS PIZZA, and SALT & SMOKE.

This year, LOCAL PROVISIONS is officially in contention with a “veg forward” meal [ LINK ] and now, I’m very happy to say that our friends at TABLE have made it official as well, by crushing it for the umpty-dumpth time in a row on Dawn’s birthday no less, with a meal that was amazing from beginning to end, including the drinks and dessert (which are the only two things not pictured below).

Below is the menu from that night, with photos from our meal to follow. I wish I could have eaten a little bit of every single thing they were offering! The preparation, presentation, taste, temperature, texture, and level of care and expertise that went into every part of every dish that we did order was beyond meticulous. Chef Jacob Sessoms and his crew are masters at what they do. If you haven’t been to TABLE lately, or THE IMPERIAL LIFE upstairs, I suggest you do so soon, and frequently.

Thanks especially to 2016 Server of the Year winner in the category of Bar Service, Ben Johnson, who was awesome as always, and to PR Person extraordinaire, Kelly Vormelker for booking the reservation for us.

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