CAAAKE! And Other Delights by 50/Fifty: The Art of Dessert

I have an official food sponsor. That might be the single greatest sentence I’ve ever written in my life. I’ve had two, actually. First, CHAI PANI sponsored the AVL Food Fans podcast for a good four to six months, and now The Food Fan radio show is sponsored by 50/FIFTY: THE ART OF DESSERT, who style us out every week with KILLER desserts and treats. Chef Mandy Butler is the genius behind the food, and her husband Chris is the staunchest of partners, doing it all from baker’s assistant to deliver driver. I’ve been working with Chris and Mandy for about 10 months or maybe a year now, and I can truly say that I have never met two more reliable people!

Here’s just a few samps of what they’ve provided for the show, including an amazing anniversary cake that they made especially for the 2 Year milestone show!!!

Chris Butler shows off the Anniversary cake! photo by Stu Helm

2 Year Anniversary Cake with edible printer ink and fondant logo! YUM!!! photo by Stu Helm

Mikey Files smells cake… – photo by Stu Helm

Mikey Files finds cake. – photo by Stu Helm

John Atwater from Mamacita’s was so psyched about the wonderful truffles he received as a guest on the show! – photo by Stu Helm

Adam Thome and Lori Davis from 67 Biltmore Downtown Eatery + Catering were delighted to see their perfect little gift packages from 50/Fifty! – photo by Stu Helm

Lucy Murphy from Eliada foster home for kids looks lovely posing with her wee box of chocolates from 50/Fifty – photo by Stu Helm

Farmer Sunil Patel from Patchwork Urban Farms poses with a box of colorful and delicious macarons! – photo by Stu Helm

Chef Elizabeth Schultenover and Kelly Vormelker from Table Asheville received cake for coming on the show! YAY! – photo by Stu Helm


Here are several more pictures of the amazing treats we get from 50/Fifty each week!

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