Epic Journey to Flat Rock & Hendersonville! 

My buddy John Kirtley and I have been trying to get together for a lunch-centric road trip for ages. John’s been wanting me to try 3 of his favorite places in Hendersonville, where he grew up, and Flat Rock right next door. He also brought his friend Zach along, and the three of us pigged the fuck out at HUBBA HUBBA SMOKEHOUSE BBQ, HOT DOG WORLD, & WEST FIRST PIZZA. It was super-fun and I was super-full by the end of the journey.

Here are some pictures…

First Hubba Hubba Smokehouse

Hubba Hubba was awesome in my humble opinion, and I would make a special trip to Flat Rock just to eat there again! They even showed us the smoker!

Next Was Hot Dog World…

Hot Dog World really is its own world! Super cheap dogs n stuff. We got an extra sausage dog to split. All of it was suitably tasty and trashy and I loved it! If you’re in Hendersonville, be sure to step into the other-worldly Hot Dog World!!!

Final stop: West First Pizza…

West First was good too, and really nice inside, but I’m afraid that I was perhaps a little too full and slightly maxed out on salty foods by then, so I couldn’t fully enjoy it. I’ll have to go back when I’m not full of BBQ and hot dogs!

It was a super fun trip and we have plans to take another journey together soon! BBQ, Hot Dogs and Pizza again? WHY NOT?

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