Road Trip to Weaverville! Destination: Soba Sushi & Noodles

My mom and I try to have lunch together often, and we like to try new things. We were texting back & forth trying to decide where to go, when I suggested that we get “cray cray” and go to Weaverville or Black Mountain to see what’s up. She randomly picked a sushi place right on Main St. in The Weave called Soba Sushi and Noodles. I was dubious, but feeling adventurous so we did it! And boy are we both glad we did! We had a very nice, fresh, delicious, filling lunch and a really nice experience all around.  The building looks to be an old bank, judging by the drive through, but done in a sort of rustic, almost Swiss Chalet style, and the interior is very pleasant and well done. They are working on an addition to the space, as well as outdoor seating, but remain open during construction. The service was beyond great, and we truly enjoyed the personality and hospitality of our sever and the rest of the staff. The lunch special is a great deal at $7.95 for two large sushi rolls and either soup or salad. Our sever also brought us a sample of the seaweed salad, which was outstanding! I got the spicy crab salad roll (cooked), and the spicy tuna roll (uncooked). The lunch special menu lists lots of rolls and kindly indicates which are cooked and which are not. My mom got the chicken tempura roll, which was really pretty, and tasted great (I tried it) and the avocado roll. We both loved our rolls, and took about 1/2 home to eat later. All in all this was a great experience, and my mom and I agreed that we would come back to try more rolls for lunch!

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