I got into doing food tours for one reason: I needed a job!

I had ditched my life-long career as an illustrator to write about food, but it turns out, the one job in the world that’s harder to make a living at than being an artist, is being a writer! Ooftah! Poor life choices. LOL So, I decided to go get a J.O.B., and since I had already taken food tours to write about them, I decided to go for it, and have been working for Asheville Food Tours ever since!

Food Tours are super fun for both locals and visitors, and on my tours, I like to feed the fuck out of people! The photos below are all from one place that we stop into ever chance we get! I do tours every Suday, Tuesday & Wednesday, so please go to click “buy tickets” and select the date you wish to take a tour from our calendar! It’s easy and I’d love to see ya!

May be an image of food

Typical food tours are for 4 to 14 people, but if you’d like to take a private tour of just 2 people, you can click HERE to read more about that.

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One thought on “FOOD TOURS RULE!

  1. Hi Stu,

    These tours look amazing! I plan on taking advantage of these with some friends in October.

    What is happening with the food truck park at Westgate? We were hoping for lunch by now.


    Cindy Conner | General Manager

    Allegra Image360 Asheville
    Office: 828.276.2700 | Cell: 828.337.8469
    2 Westgate Parkway | Asheville, NC 28806


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