2017 Food Truck Showdown: Photos and Results!

Holy moly! What an event! Seventeen food trucks, plus other vendors, and some giant inflatables out at the Ag Center. Produced by Carey Harnash, this event was a smash hit success, and a really good time!!! I was a judge along with WLOS weekend newsman, Evan Donovan, and Chef Josh Weeks from CORNER KITCHEN. We tasted 16 samples (Acropolis ran out of pizza) and picked a winner from among them all! Congrats to LI’L MOJO who won the judges’ hearts, minds, and stomachs with their chicken tender taco and watermelon salad! It was goooooood!!! Runners up with the judges were GYPSY QUEEN CUISINE and APPALCHIAN CHIC. The VIP Tasters’ Choice was awarded to APPALACHIAN SMOKE, and People’s Choice went to ROOT DOWN FOOD TRUCK. Good times, great food, this was a fantastic event. Thanks, Carey and crew!

L: Stu Helm R: Chef Josh Weeks

Amazing chicken tender taco with excellent watermelon salad from Li’l Mojo!

Lamb & Brussles from Gypsy Queen Cuisne

Pork triple-threat sandwich and house made tater tot from Appalachian Chic.

Lamb chop with cous cous from Root Down Food Truck

BBQ sundae from Appalachian Smoke.

Out of the Blue Peruvian Food Truck

Grateful Roots

Melt Your Heart

Bun Intended

The Grubbery

Smash Box

The Real Food Truck

Farm to Fender

Vitamina T

Vieux Carre

Deli LlaMMMa

1st Place with Judges

2nd place with Judges.

3rd Place with Judges.

1st Place with VIP Tasters.

1st Place with People’s Choice.

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