Fooding Around Town: SWEETS, Yo. Two of The Best in Asheville!

CUCINA 24 is crushing it in the dessert department. Top: Hard merrangue, cracked open, filled with fresh fruit and sorbet, then re-assembled for the diner to crack back open and enjoy! Bottom: Amazing sticky toffee pudding and a cappuccino. Yum!!!

And 50/FIFTY THE ART OF DESSERT has been styling us the fuck out as the official food sponsor the Food Fans radio show. Fresh French macarons, entire cakes! Holy shit. Top to Bottom: Strawberry macaron selfie; Grandma’s chocolate cake; Farmer Sunil Patel (PATCHWORK URBAN FARMS) models with macarons; Chef Elizabth Schultenover & Kelly Vormelker (TABLE RESTAURANT), Grandma’s chocolate cake with peanut butter cream frosting; Jason Sandford (ASHVEGAS.COM); and Chef Joe Scully (CHESTNUT, CORNER KITCHEN, CORNER KITCHEN CATERING).


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