SouthWest Bound and Down’, A Food Truck Review of the Loaded Up and Truckin’ Food Truck Off

My buddy and eating partner, Stephan Pruitt from Dig Local Asheville, wrote an awesome post about our experience together at the Oskar Blues REEB Ranch Loaded Up and Truckin’ Food Truck Throw-down and Aural Pleasure Fest. Lots of great pictures with funny captions. Stephan nails it in terms of the experience and the food, and we agreed on several of our faves.

Adventure Local Asheville

Southwest Bound and down, loaded up and truckin’!  We gon’ do what they say can’t be done…

And by that, I mean eat and judge 19 food trucks in less than four hours.  We don’t play around when it comes to eating.  Stu’s training comes from years of eating out, judging festivals, and being extremely involved in the culinary scene here in our Asheville community.  Mine comes from growing up in a southern family with a stay at home mom that made me a lot of food and mandatory cleaning of plates.  I have always had a huge passion for food, and working the past two years with Dig Local has really introduced me to some amazing local restaurants.  One thing I have discovered that I wasn’t very aware of before I started working here was the food truck scene.

What I love about food truck owners and chefs is…

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