Fooding Around Town: The Yacht Club, by Invitation.  

One day I was walking down Patton Ave when I heard someone yelling my name… “Hey Stu!” It was my friend Sundance who works at THE YACHT CLUB. “You want a free meal?”

“Yes!!!” I enthused. I had just eaten, so I said I’d come back another time. Not long after that I met Chef Crystal Pruett, who runs the tiny kitchen in Asheville premier dive bar, and she reiterated the invite, so I finally went in and I’m really glad I did!

Chef Crystal is running a tight ship at the Yacht Club, she proudly showed me her kitchen, and then styled me out with some damn good eats!

Top to bottom: Yellowfin tuna poke with Hawaiian ponzu sauce and fresh seaweed salad; a couple of award winning kimchi garlic chicken wings; a traditional Cuban sandwich; and maybe the best mac n cheese I’ve had since THE BARLEYCORN closed shop. Seriously. It was that effing good! The whole meal was great, and I ate until I was stuffed. Thanks, Chef Pruett, Sundance, James Browne, and the rest of the Yacht Club crew! I’ll be back to try the rest of you menu for sure! I recommend that eaters pop into The Yacht Club any day after 5pm and try the menu at one of the last authentic dive bars in downtown Asheville. Good times, great people, yummy food, and punk rock music!

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