Just in case you guys don’t know who Jonas Gerard is…

He’s an artist…  well, actually, he’s THEE artist.  Asheville’s most successful, as far as I can tell.

He’s a name brand, Man.

Here I am in front of his studios which are just down the hill from my house, in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC.

240 Clingman Ave is exactly right next door to the Clingman Cafe, one of my most regular food and coffee jams.

Here’s a peek inside of Jonas’ Studio!

I was soops self-conscious when I took this picture.  Ack!  I didn’t wanna get busted! 

 I’ve never met Jonas, so I don’t know him.  I know his daughter Mira though!  She’s my friend, and she’s super nice, and an awesome painter!

Mira understands that my Jonas Gerard Project pictures are intended to be nothing more than a lighthearted poke at her dad, while also being a bit of a homage and tribute to his success and popularity.

As I wrote in a FaceBook exchange with her, his work has appeared on restaurant walls around Asheville for a long time, now, so why not on the plates too?

Here are the first three installments of my “Jonas Gerard Project:”

I Hueart  Huevos

Too Heart to Handle

Red Velvet Heart

I encourage you guys to create and post your own Jonas Gerard Project pieces on my Facebook Page!

Yeah, Man!  Do it!



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