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L-R: Chef Joe Scully, Anita Elliott, Chef Katie Button, Stu Helm

Twice a month, Chef Joe Scully and Stu Helm the Food Fan fan sit down to talk to each other, and a special guest or two  —  or three!  — to talk about the food scene in Asheville, and in general. There are always lots of laughs, and usually an inappropriate word or two. Joe brings all of his knowledge and experience as a chef and restaurateur to the table, while Stu offers his insights as a life-long diner, food writer, and general goofball. Each episode is fun and unique and geared to entertain

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22: Our Cheesiest Show Ever – April 5th, 2016
Special Guests: Katie Moore and Victor Chiarizia from The Carolina Mountain Cheese Fest and The NC Cheese Trail.
Also: Food News w/ Lucy Murphy, CHEEEESE, Tipping / No Tipping

21: Livengood, Feelin’ Good! – March 22nd, 2016
Special Guest: Anne Livengood from Sound Barre
Also: Food News w/ Lucy Murphy, Healthy Eatin’, Food Fest Season Starts

20: Root Down On It – March 8th, 2016
Special Guests: Chef Dano Holcomb of Root Down Food Truck
Also: Food News w/ Lucy Murphy, Wing War Contest, Is Fine Dining Dead?

19: Into The Black Coffee Abyss – Feb 23rd, 2016
Special Guests: Lindsay Lee from Counter Culture Coffee
Also: Food News w/ Lucy Murphy, Where We Ate

18: The Awesome Power of Juice! – Feb 9th, 2016
Special Guests: Jenny Lumb and Shannon Gilpatrick from Nourish and Flourish Juice Bar
Also: Food News w/ Lucy Murphy, Flint Water Crisis, Suicide Amoung Chefs, Where We Ate

17: Sound the Meowlarms! – Jan 12th, 2016
Special Guests: Chef Patrick O’Cain of Gán Shán Station
Also: Food News w/ Lucy Murphy, Cat Cafe Update, No Tipping

16: A Patina of Human Skin – Jan 12th, 2016
Special Guests: Chef Katie Button and Assistant Manager Anita Elliott of Curate / Nightbell.
Also: Food News w/ Lucy Murphy, Restaurant Ambiance.

15: Gluten and Copyright Free Dec 29, 2015
Special Guests: Martha and Chef Peter Pollay of Posana Restaurant.
Also: Food News w/ Lucy Murphy, local trademark lawsuits, gluten.

14: Velvet and Lace and LucyDec 15, 2015
Special Guests: Kelly Vormelker and Sam Pennigton of Velvet and Lace.
Also: Food News w/ Lucy Murphy, Best of Asheville, Stevie Nicks.

13: Who Doesn’t Love Geraldine’s? Dec 01, 2015
Special Guest: Fred Dehlow from Geraldine’s Bakery.
Also: Food News, FOH vs BOH part 2

12: AVL Air HeadsNov 17, 2015
Special Guests: Jane “AIR” Anderson and Lucy Murphy from Asheville Independent Restaurants.
Also: Food News, Tensions between the front of house and back of house. aka FOH vs BOH

11: Ready, Set, Go Kitchen Ready – Nov 04, 2015
Special Guests: Chef Liam Lutrell of Go Ready Kitchens.
Also: Food News, Food scene PR flops and hits, locally and otherwise.

10: Pumpkin Spice Radio – Oct 20, 2015
Special Guests: food writers Gina Smith and Jonathan Ammons of Mountain Express.
Also: Food News, Pumpkin mania.

9: Coffee Again? – Oct 06, 2015
Special Guests: Jay Weatherly and Emily Peele from High Five Coffee
Also: Food News, “So he thinks he can run a restaurant.”

8: A Bitter Pill – Sept 22, 2015
Special Guests: Chef Holley West from Sweet Monkey in Marshall, Mixologist Kala Brooks from Top of the Monk, and local blogger Sarah Jane Case.
Food News, Waking Life Espresso debacle, Red Pill, more.

7: Penance and Cheesecake – Sept 15, 2015
Special Guests: Chefs Mandy and Chris Butler of 50/Fifty The Art of Desert in Fletcher.
Food News, Kids in Restaurants

6: Everyone Loves Grass, Even Cows – Aug 25, 2015
Special Guests: Farmer Jamie Yager from Hickory Nut Gap Farms.
Also: Food News, Asheville Wine and Food Festival

5: Anthony is a Nice Guy – Aug 11, 2015
Special Guests: Chef Anthony Ceratto of Strada Restaurant.
Also: Airport Food, Scottish Food, Italian Food in Venice

4: Coffee, Cigarettes and Body Odor – July 21, 2015
Special Guests: Chef Tracy Taylor from Fig restaurant, and Master Roaster Bill Tanner form PennyCup Coffeee Co.
Coffee, and some of the weirder things on menus around town that the adventurous should try.

3: I’m So Baked! – July 7, 2015
Special Guests: Jennifer Lapidus from Carolina Ground wheat flour, and baker Laura Geotz from Table and Tod’s Tasties.
Also: Another month of eating in Asheville

2: Let’s Go Upstairs and Watch TV – Jun 23, 2015
Special Guests: Bobby Sullivan and Clare Schwartz of the French Broad Food Co-Op
Asheville’s River Arts District, dining out romantically, Green Opportunities Kitchen, and more!

1: The Pilot Episode! – Jun 02, 2015
Special Guests: Mikey Files from Chai Pani, MG Road, and Buxton Hall
A month of eating our in Asheville. Over 40 venues mentioned!

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Stu Helm Chef Selfie

Stu Helm is an artist, writer, and podcaster living in Asheville, NC, and a frequent diner at local restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and the like. His tastes run from hot dogs and mac ‘n’ cheese, to haute cuisine, and his opinions are based on a lifetime of eating out. He began writing about food strictly to amuse his friends on Facebook.


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