Fooding Around Town: Pizza, Pizza, Cake, Eloté, Enchiladas, Shrimp ‘n’ Grits, Popcorn Pot du Creme

TOP TO BOTTOM: Award winning pizza and a Peligrino from TIN CAN PIZZERIA food truck parked at THE WEDGE; Not award winning pizza from the brand new PIZZA MIND on Beecham’s Curve in WAVL with Dave & Brie; Totally awesome Champagne cake with strawberry buttercream frosting from 50/FIFTY: THE ART OF DESSERT; Not as awesome eloté and passable enchiladas from ZIA TAQUERIA; Shrimp ‘n’ Grits with asparagus, mushrooms, & Lima beans, and “buttered popcorn” pot du creme from STORM RHUM BAR. The shrimp n grits were great, and the pot du creme was expertly executed, but not my jam in the end. 

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