GOT THAT GET GIG! – Will Work for Food part II

First, a Glossary…

GET = Grey Eagle Taqueria
RAD = River Arts District
PMA = Positive Mental Attitude
TLA = Three-Letter Acronym

I am an adherent to certain principals and practices of thinking first described by Napoleon Hill, and later dubbed “Positive Mental Attitude.”

One of the most fun and effective techniques of PMA is to “create a job.”  I’ve done it dozens of times.  Thousands, if you count every time I’ve rustled-up some work as an artist and graphic designer, but beyond my core skills and interests in art, I enjoy creating jobs for myself in other areas.  Like booking bands, organizing shows and festivals, or writing about food!

It’s true that at this early stage of my food writing career, I almost never get paid, but I’m working towards that goal!  In the meantime, I wanted to test myself, and see if I could create another job for myself within the food industry, at a restaurant that has great food, but also suffers from issues in the areas of image, branding, promotions, and the bottom line.

The test would be A) to create that job and B) to see if I could succeed in helping a restaurant do better. 

Y’know, like, can the famously harsh Food Critic put his money where his mouth is, and get paid to do it?

I had a few spots in mind to approach, then I randomly ate lunch at the GET, and I immediately knew, there was no question in my mind, that this was the place.

It seemed like most people I talk to don’t even know that the GET exists, let alone that it’s open six days a week, serving great food from noon to 8pm, and even later if there’s a live show at The Grey Eagle.

So, I went home, typed up a proposal, and emailed it to Russel Keith, the manager of both the Grey Eagle and the GET, and the very next time I ran into him (at Clingman Cafe in the RAD) he said, “Yeah, I got that e-mail! Sounds great!  Let’s talk in the new year!”

In my proposal, I offered to work for half my salary in the form of food. Russel liked that. I’m going to use some of my work credits to try everything on the menu, at least once so that I can speak about each and every muhfuckin’ thing that I’ll be promoting with some knowledge and authoritay. I’ve had the tacos, and they are fucking good.  But there are many things on the menu that I haven’t tried, from salads to cheeseburgers, and I want to make sure I eat it all before I report to you… in excruciating detail…  about every single, savory bite.

Russel and I had a meeting to talk about stuff, and we have some really fun ideas for promotions and give-aways ‘n’ shit in the near future, so keep an eye out for contests and what-not coming up real soon.

The first part of my job — the job I created for myself using PMA — is to let as many people as possible know that the GET exists.  I’m doing that now!!!

Another facet of my my job is letting you guys know what’s what over there at the GET, and I’m gonna start with some info about Benton Wade.

Maybe you didn’t know — I didn’t know until recently — that the head cook at the GET has a pedigree which includes praise-worthy local restaurants like Fig, Cucina24, and Rhubarb.

Benton’s major influence is Latin Cuisine, and his Pork Pastoral is one of his signature dishes, prepared the traditional way, by using pineapple to break down the enzymes in the pork.  Even typing those words made my mouth water just now.  I’m not even bullshitting.  I’ve had it. It’s really good.

I’ve met Benton twice now, and he seems nice. A man of few words. So far.

The jack-ass in the foreground is me.  The guy in the background is Benton. He seemed thrilled to be working together.

I’ll try to get to know him a little bit better and give you more deets as I spend my lunch hours eating his food and promoting the fuck out of it to you guys!

Yay!  I’m gonna love my new job!

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